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Is citrulline an essential amino acid of human body?

How does citrulline function in human body to reduce fatigue?

What is the difference between the intake of citrulline and arginine?

Some citrulline products are combinated with malate. What is the difference between the intake of citrulline and citrulline with malate?

How does citrulline reduce fatigue?

I heard citrulline has a Viagra-like effect. Does Citruaid™ have such kind of benefit?

How much Citruaid™ can I take per day?

Should I drink it immeditely once the granules dissolve?

I am an athlete, can I benefit from Citruaid™?

Citruaid™ tastes mildly sweet. Does it contain sugar or artificial sweeteners?

What will citrulline become finally in human body?

Can I replace Citruaid™ with watermelon juice as a citrulline supplement?

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